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Life Coaching

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching is life coaching specifically related to achieving your wellness goals. It helps you create a wellness lifestyle for yourself, your family and your business.

Coach­ing is frequently uti­lized by indi­vid­u­als to assist them in cre­at­ing well­ness, abun­dance and har­monic lifestyles dur­ing the entire life cycle– before and beyond retire­ment.  Coaching can begin before a cri­sis such as unem­ploy­ment or the ‘empty nest syn­drome’ occurs. Maybe you are expe­ri­enc­ing a tran­si­tional period in your life, want to start a new career path, you are a baby boomer in the pre-retirement stage or you’ve retired and lack direc­tion, and you may be mov­ing into the age group most likely at risk to develop a chronic dis­ease. Life coach­ing is not a sub­sti­tute for a ther­a­pist, psy­chol­o­gist or counselor.

Life coaching can help you address:

  • If you could design your life from this day forward, what would it look like?
  • How you can live authentically, have a more abundant lifestyle, with gratitude and enjoy the later stage of your life.
  • Providing you the objective support of a professional to help you stay focused, hold you accountable, champion your efforts while you are working toward you professional, business and personal goals.
  • Your desire to include self-care practices and habits to improve your quality of life.

Life Coaching Clients

Life coaching is a relationship between a professional and action-oriented and motivated individual, who takes responsibility for their life and lifestyle. The client and the coach enter into partnership and co-create the client’s goals. The client is the master painter of her/his life.

My ideal life coaching clients are mid-life and mature professionals who want to live an authentic life, on purpose, their way. They want to live this stage of their lives from a position of gratitude, on purpose and holistically, in a manner they plan versus the plans of other people.

My coaching approach includes the “whole per­son” and is co-created to help you gain per­sonal insight into your state of phys­i­cal, emo­tional, and spir­i­tual well­ness. The pro­gram offers insight and tools to trans­form the new aware­ness into last­ing changes in your life, and a renewed sense of health and wellbeing. Coaching sessions propel you toward your life goals.

Becoming a Client

I provide individual and group coaching to clients in their office, online and by phone.

Payment must be received prior to the coaching sessions. I will send you a request for payment at the agreed pre-determined rate. The rate is reduced for members of the Lifestyle Wellness Network community. After payment for coaching, we will schedule a date and time that is convenient and mutually agreeable. Payment is not refundable.

To begin, clients are required to fill out a Personal Fact Sheet, Client Agreement Form and complete a wellness self-assessment as needed. We will review the self-assessment results together. We will then address your health and wellness goals in our subsequent coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are your areas of expertise?

  • Wellness
  • Personal and Professional Transitions

What are the ben­e­fits of coaching?

A life coach can serve as your part­ner and explore ways with you whereby you can cre­ate the life you desire dur­ing pre– and post-re­tire­ment. You are the ‘painter’ and the ‘archi­tect’ of your lifestyle. A life coach will lis­ten and guide you in defin­ing your goal, cre­at­ing a plan and deter­min­ing the action steps to achieve your desired goal(s). The coach serves as facilitator of the process and you are the expert in your life. A coach sup­ports you, the client.

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is an interactive e-mail exchange between you and me, as healthcare practitioner. We may or may not discuss your health and wellness-related concerns. All areas of health promotion, wellness and complementary/integrative topics are discussed.

Will I have unlimited contact?

You may receive suggestions and reminders by e-mail. The suggestions will be specifically related to the wellness and life concerns we previously discussed.

Do you have referral resources?

When services outside my scope of practice are needed, I can refer you to an appropriate provider. Resources are also listed elsewhere on this site, including nurse practitioners, physicians, nutritionists, herbalists, massage therapists and printed information.

For additional insight regarding what coaching is and what coaching is not, click here.

Create a wellness lifestyle for yourself, your family and your business.


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