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Selfcare: Let Go Of Negative Relationships

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Self-care is important to your health and well-being.

Have you noticed there is an individual or individuals in your  life or with whom you come in contact and you feel tired after talking and listening to that person?  I call these people energy drainers. You keep trying to maintain a relationship but each time you meet you feel exhausted, irritable, annoyed. Overtime, you might actually develop a headache during or after such encounters! Your lifestyle behavior becomes altered when you are no longer functioning at your max with clarity of thought. The time has come to let go. It’s okay to let go of people and relationships who are causing you to feel ill and uncomfortable.

What are some signs that is time to consider letting go of toxic, energy drain relations?

When you are ready to take action, remember you are playing a part and contributing by virtue of allowing the relationship to continue day in and day out. What can you do?

6 Tips To Let Go of Relationships

When letting go of the energy drainers in your life, do it with loving kindness which is also self-care.

  1. It’s okay to let go. Accept what is true for you. You might consider just being there for them with loving kindness and patience. Be mindful that everyone wants to be acknowledged, heard, loved and to know they matter.
  2. Be authentic with loving kindness. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Bitterness is not necessary.
  3. An apology is not required, not from you nor the other person. Speak with clarity and without the fluff.
  4. Allow yourself time to grieve the loss; to feel sad; to move on.
  5. Start focusing on your relationships which are positive and healthy.

Have less contact or no contact withe the individual.

Complementary Methods

Complementary, holistic self-care  approaches to assist you in the process of letting go, include aromatics, uplifting music and physical movement.

  • Grapefruit  essential oil aroma to uplift spirit and joy;  rose floral water
  • Music of choice
  • Tai chi, qi gong, yoga
  • Walking in areas with trees, bushes and flowering plants

What suggestions can you offer to individuals who are struggling with the process of letting go? What do you think would be helpful and constructive?

About Johnetta Miner NP

Johnetta is the CEO/Founder of Lifestyle Wellness Enterprise.
She is an Integrative, Holistic Healing and Women's Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. She assists business owners, healing arts practitioners and health professionals to attain optimal wellness in life and their business.