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Self Care Tips To Keep Positive Energy Flowing

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Self-Care & Energy

One of the most important aspects of well-being, health and wellness is self-care. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own well-being. In order to engage in self-care, energy need to be considered. Energy is everywhere and every thing is energy. The presence of energy is an often overlooked fact of life.

You may talk about not having the energy to do a certain task, or say ‘where does she/he get the energy’. Some nurses work eight and twelve hours engaging in grueling physical and mental work, making life and death decisions, putting themselves in harm’s way when providing care in the line of duty. Mothers and fathers expend copious energy on a daily basis caring for their families, in addition to their extended families. All of these individuals at some time will say they feel exhausted – “I’m exhausted”.  The interesting thing about this revelation of ‘not having energy’ and feeling ‘exhausted’ is, energy does not tire, it is in continuous motion.

Energy Fields

In the holistic nursing speciality, we talk about energy fields, healing touch, auras, meridians, clearing crystals, aromatherapy, chakras, negative/positive energy, smudging, sound therapy, et cetera.

One of the most important aspects of well-being, health and wellness is self-care. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own well-being.

Be mindful of the energy you bring with you and the energy you allow in your space and energy field. Classic examples of energy transference are, constantly listening to news reports, engaging in conversations (with the same person usually) that make you feel like all the energy has been drained out of you, having non-supportive people in your life – the takers and the talkative dumpsters. The dumpsters know you are a good listener so they dump their negative stuff on you and they feel better.

Self-Care Tips

To fully engage in self-care here are a few easy tips to keep positive energy flowing.

  • Be mindful of the energy you carry with you. You might thing you are without negative energy. Therefore, this process require some honest, introspection on your part.
  • Engage in relaxation activities to help reduce nervous energy and increase clear thinking – Qi Gong, tai chi, yoga, loving kindness meditation.
  • Get an adequate amount of restful sleep. To gain insight as to whether you are getting enough, notice how many times you yawn, nod or feel sluggish during the day x 3 days. New Yorker’s have a reputation for yawning a lot.
  • Clear your home of negative energy – smudge, open the windows/doors, burn your favorite incense, bakhoor or oud.
  • Let go of Negative Nellie. You will know who they are and when it’s time to let go.
  • If you are an energy healer, as I am, always engage in the ritual you use to release any negative energy taken on during a therapy session. The clairsentient must engage in rituals as well.
  • Remember to #LiveLifeWell
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