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Using Sage In Holistic Practice & Self Care


Sage is used by integrative holistic nurses for health and wellness promotion and to help in the healing process.

The word ‘sage’ has many meanings, just as the sage plant (Salvia) has several varieties. The sage plant reportedly has over 900 species! Sage (adjective) can mean wisdom and wise by virtue of experience and reflection. Sage (noun) is a plant, culinary herb or essential oil. I have some sage infused honey that I will use as a tea or as an addition to a green or black tea.

Sage in Latin, sapere, means to taste; have good taste; be wise. Wise women can be described as having good taste or their behaviors are in good taste.

Take a look at this list and the multiple uses of sage, for health and wellness, during the middle years of a woman’s life:

  1. Hair growth stimulant and nutrient
  2. Immune system stimulant
  3. Arthritic pain relief
  4. Foodstuff, roasted or fried
  5. Spice, on chicken, turkey, in soups (dried and rubbed sage)
  6. Sage/wise woman herb for relief of menopause symptoms, headache, melancholy, joint pains, dry skin/rashes, memory loss
  7. Sage tea
  8. Sage infused vinegar, oils, honey

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Sage Plants

Sage Plants

Yes, there are over 900 varieties of sage. Most of us are familiar with culinary sage, dried and fresh.

Hot Flashes

Hot Flash?

Hot Flash?



Are you having hot ‘flashes’?

Adding these two foods to your diet may help lessen the intensity.

  1. Nuts
  2. Seeds

Seeds such as flax seeds;  raw, unsalted almonds and Brazil nuts. They are high in calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

Sage, in tea form usually, has a history of reducing hot flashes.





Varieties Of Sage

Some of the varieties are:

  • Salvia officinalis is the common garden sage –  used to produce essential oil and for herb tea to help regulate hot flashes.
  • Salvia verbenaca – verbena. The essential oil is healing to the skin when used in aromatic products.
  • Salvia sclarea – clary sage, blended with  carrier oils, is the most common salvia used during menopause to help regenerate the skin in women age 50+.
  • Salvia apiana – white sage. The dried plant which is usually used for smudging.

How do you use this herb? What is your favorite ‘sage’ quote or poem? Who is the wise woman in your life?

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