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Dr. Johnetta Miner, NP

Dr. Miner, NP

Your health. Your life. Your choice.

Your health, your family’s health and the health of your business is very important. therefore, it is imperative for you to partner with the most ideal coach and for me to partner with the most ideal client. You are the focus of each coaching session. Time is valuable. It can’t be replaced. As such, it is necessary to be compensated for services rendered.  You may schedule a *complementary*10 minute clarity call as part of the services offered below.  Schedule by leaving a message or using the contact form as indicated below.

   NP on Call is available for you to obtain….. 

  •     health information
  •     wellness coaching
  •     lifestyle management
  •     health benefits of coaching
  •     business tips you need to help  strategize in developing your integrative care practice.
  •      clarity or for accountability

Dr. Miner’s years of experience as a clinician, public health specialist and holistic integrative healthcare practitioner will enhance your time with her and maximize your health and wellness benefits and your business practice.


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Time zone: All calls are based on Eastern time. Use a time converter, as needed, before scheduling your appointment.

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