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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an ancient modality of energy therapy. It was reportedly introduced to the Western world in by Ha Wayo Takata, a Hawaiian woman. She brought Usui Reiki to the U.S.  As the story goes, she had gone to Japan for treatment of abdominal pain; she learned about Reiki while being prepped for surgery; she forewent the surgery and had Reiki treatments instead. Then she was treated for four months, after which she did not need surgical intervention.

It is a non-invasive treatment method. The word Reiki means guided energy which is life force energy. In the Japanese language, Reiki is composed of two kanji symbols as opposed to two syllabus in the English language. Rei means guided and ki means life force energy. Life force energy is also referred to as universal energy, prana in Sanskrit and chi in Chinese.

Reiki reduces feelings of stress and promotes relaxation by balancing the mind, body connection. It puts the body in an optimal state for self-healing. Treatments can be self-administered and given to others. One of the great things about this treatment method is, it can be administered non-locally to other individuals. Herein,  lies the importance of intention.

Reiki like other energy treatment methods require a sense of ‘intention’. However, intention is a major component of the treatment t process and is emphasized in the teaching and administering of the Reiki treatments.

Although you may hear or use the term ‘reiki healing’, Reiki does not ‘heal’ per se, as does some allopathic treatment methods. In addition, the Reiki Master or practitioner does not ‘heal’. The practitioner’s function is to serve as a facilitator in the process.

Follow-up podcasts and articles will address how it works , clinical research, use in a clinical setting and it’s relationship to the chakras, which are the energy centers of the body. You can listen to the HEALth Practitioner Podcasts at Lifestyle Wellness (dot) com and subscribe to the LW Newsletter if you have not subscribed.

Reiki Services

Distant Therapy—–45 to 60 minute sessions

Hands on Therapy——-60 minute sessions

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