Spiritual Healing

Introduction To Spiritual Healing Spiritual healing is engrained in integrative holistic nursing. If a person lives long enough, at some point in their life, they will experience heart ache. Not the kind of heart ache which is caused by a chronic disease or an acute episode of a physical problem. I’m referring to that deeply rooted […]

Holistic Integrative Health and Nursing

  Holistic Integrative Nursing in Healthcare Article III of III Collaboration Within the concept of shared decision-making are interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary collaboration. You know about collaboration between clinicians. This collaboration between clinicians who are in different discipline or integrative care professions is called interdisciplinary. However, collaboration within the same discipline is called intradisciplinary collaboration. An […]

Holistic and Integrative Health Today

Article II of III part series. Integrative health? Let’s pause for brief period and look at what consumers want and not what the clinician wants when providing integrative health care for individuals. These “wants” are not only important to you, but are also driving consumer demand for holistic and integrative care models. Patient satisfaction is a health policy […]