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Nile River Cruise in Egypt

nile river cruise

Nile River Boat

A Nile River cruise on a riverboat is a trip some people only dream about. The idea of leisurely cruising on the water, relaxing, surrounded by few people and being served delicious food are what dreams are made of. It’s hard to believe I’ve actually been on a riverboat cruise! A trip I wanted to take for a long time. Two weeks has passed and I’m still processing that fact.

Periodically I get a riverboat cruise catalog in the mail and I’d look through it and do what I call “arm-chair traveling”.  When the latest catalog arrived in my mailbox, I looked at it and then a big smile came across my face. I’ve actually been on a riverboat cruise! It turned out to be part of the two-week itinerary. There’s more! The icing on the cake was, the cruise was on the Nile River; alone the waterway of the Nile River Valley; in Egypt; North of Sudan. Well, it couldn’t get any better than that!

We took a four-hour flight from Dubai (UAE-United Arab Emirates) to Cairo, Egypt. happily, our tours in Cairo warrants another article. We stayed two nights in Cairo and then took a red-eye, early morning, flight to Luxor. We were transported from the airport to the riverboat to begin cruising on the Nile River.

Nile River shore

As we cruised the Nile River, the boat would stop and we’d disembarked and visit different places and sites. The enormous size of the statues at temples and the beautiful hieroglyphics were a wonderful sight to behold. The fact that they had weathered the test of time, retained some, if not most of their original colors and remained in place for centuries was awe-inspiring. Simply breath-taking.

The stops included a Nubian village were we had a delicious lunch which was served family style. There is still more to write about. The temples have their own stories to tell.

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