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Healing Racial Trauma

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Long-Term Health Effects of Systemic Problems: PTSD

Healing racial trauma can begin in a person’s dreams, which can be very revealing. Imagine having a terrible dream, and living in a densely populated, urban area. You are living in a concrete jungle, alone with just you and social media. Or, living in an isolated, deeply rural area with total silence and the sound or perceived sound of unknown creatures.

Notice the effect these situations have on, first, the mental psyche and then your spiritual well-being and functioning of the physical body. Close your eyes and imagine that.

Now imagine a long history of racial divide – living in constant fear; anger; worry; not living the American dream or simply existing instead of living a full, productive and rewarding life.You are typecast by virtue of skin color, ageism, sexism, educational level (doesn’t matter if it’s postgrad or elementary level); undernourished. You receive little or no healthcare or you’re improperly diagnosed or under-diagnosed. Imagine the worse of case scenarios as your reality.

Affects of Racial Trauma

At this point , return to reality. Racism, sexism, ageism, economics, educational level and health status are still relevant in today’s society. As recently as 1921, people of color were in an interment camp and forced into slave labor in Greenwood – Tulsa, Oklahoma. A mass killing was carried out in Florida this year, 2016. It was preceded by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, other mass killings, and 9/11. Genocides and racial cleansing were not only devastating but these atrocities left a lasting effect, for generations to come, on individuals’ mental, physical and spiritual well-being for African-Americans, Native Americans, whites and all skin colors in between.

Preventative Measures for Healing

How can we Americans stem the tide of trauma, help prevent the onslaught, the depth and breadth of mental, physical and spiritual dismiss of all of us? Not only in the United States but on a global level? Act locally but think globally for the public’s health. The need for and the return to public health education and prevention are at an extremely high level for everyone. In spite of whether you agree when engaged in dialogue, disagree or agree to disagree.

In order for peace and healing to occur and love to grow among people we need to have a dialogue. Start with a discussion on one topic. “Knowing” a person does not make you “friends”. We know First Lady Michelle Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton but knowing does not constitute being friends. Listen on a deep level during the discussion. It’s well known that a person learns nothing if he/she is constantly talking instead of engaging in a conversation. Go for grief counseling and encourage others to seek counseling. If you have an extended family, gather around the kitchen table for a heart to heart discussion about healing the country. You can read more here.

Allow Healing To Begin

Do you remember when house phones where the norm? You’d call Mary’s house to peak to her, and her daughter or son would answer the phone. The two of you would have a brief conversation before Mary was put on the phone. In the process you got to know her child/children. They became your extended family.

Now, there is high-tech, smartphones, readers, hand-held computers and social media. You no longer talk with Mary’s children. Most likely you don’t talk with Mary. You send a very brief, coded text message. Some individuals go so far as to hide behind the anonymity  of social media to say the most vile things to another person. If we choose, there is a brighter side. It can start with “hello” and a conversation.

In order to promote public health education and instill preventative measures, let’s rise out of the depths of despair in the valley and aim for higher ground on the mountain top. Imagine the vastness of Table Mountain and all the possibilities that could manifest. Let’s continue this conversation again.

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