Essential Oils for Stress and Tension


Citrus Oils

The happy oils, in the essential oil family, are delightful. They are the feel good oils which lift our spirits, make us smile, perk us up and improve our cognitive functioning. Overall, they are up-lifting.


Essential Oils for Stress and Tension Relief

The small things in life can be enough to make a person happy and produce a smile. Think about a pleasant walk in the park, or on the waterfront. How about the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven, or the aroma when an orange or grapefruit is peeled? You smell the oil in the rinds. These sensory stimulants produce changes in the flow of hormones in the body, which in turn produces a cascade of positive body reactions. The smell of a lemon flavored cake, or the taste of lemon sorbet and orange gelato. Let’s not forget Earl Grey tea and lemonade. Visualizing and thinking about a sweet, juicy orange or lemon can produce an increase in saliva or watering of the mouth.

Essential Oils

What are the ‘happy’ essential oils?, you ask. You’ve probably guessed two that are on the following list.

Lemon – Citrus Limón

Orange – Sweet orange-citrus sinensis

  • Bitter orange – Citrus aurantium
  • Petitgrain – citrus vulgaris
  • Neroli

Bergamot – Citrus bergamia

Mandarin – Citrus madurensis/reticulata

Lime – Citrus medica/aurantifolia

Grapefruit – citrus paradise (white and pink)

Tangerine – Citrus reticulata blanco


Citrus oils are phototoxic; they become toxic when exposed to the sunlight. They are not to be used immediately before going into sunlight.   They can be used in small amounts in massage oils, soaps, and creams. If they are used in combination with carrier oils, then the blend can be used palm to palm. To gain greater therapeutic benefit it would be useful to use the inhalation method of a diffuser. The diffuser method is the best way for older adults to use these oils.

Which citrus oils do you use? What is your favorite citrus oil?


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