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Self Care Tips To Keep Positive Energy Flowing

Self-Care & Energy One of the most important aspects of well-being, health and wellness is self-care. Individuals are ultimately responsible for their own well-being. In order to engage in self-care, energy need to be considered. Energy is everywhere and every thing is energy. The presence of energy is an often overlooked fact of life. You […]

Networking For Relationship Development

Networking What is networking?  Last week I had a long and delightful conversation with one of my daughters. The conversation started with her asking about the meaning of an old expression; if I had coined the phrase or if I had heard it from someone.  The old saying is, “ we went all around Silas […]

Holistic Integrative Health and Nursing

  Holistic Integrative Nursing in Healthcare Article III of III Collaboration Within the concept of shared decision-making are interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary collaboration. You know about collaboration between clinicians. This collaboration between clinicians who are in different discipline or integrative care professions is called interdisciplinary. However, collaboration within the same discipline is called intradisciplinary collaboration. An […]