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The Registered Nurse Workforce

Registered nurses (RN) were part of the  historic event  which occured yesterday, when the Health Care Reform was passed. In keeping with that event I feel it is important for all of us to  have a better understanding of the professional RN workforce in the United States. At the present moment,  there is a need for nurses, primary care and geriatric care providers to care […]

Mary Mills, CNM:Trail Blazer on the Road to Longevity

Nursing on the Front Lines Trail blazing and longevity are synomonus with Mary Lee Mills. She was an advanced practice nurse midwife who stood the test of time. When she was making her mark on life and in the annals of midwifery history, she also gave a new meaning to service.  She demonstrated rising above adversity and in the […]

Nurses Talk With President About Health Care

“This afternoon the President was joined by members of the American Nurses Association in the Rose Garden, where he spoke strongly on the urgent need for health care reform. He explained that the status quo is not an option, and that deferring reform is akin to defending that status quo. The President praised nurses as […]

Does Religion Affect Health & Wellness?

Yeshiva University recently published a study which suggested regularly attending religious services reduced the risk of death by approximately 20%. This study was a subsidiary of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). The researchers at Yeshiva University-Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York, evaluated the  religious practices of 92,395 post-menopausal (PMP) women aged 50-79 […]

Speaking Events

These events will take you on a wellness journey. During this journey you will increase your level of awareness, have a shift in consciousness, bridge the gap between spirituality & health and the gap between conventional and complementary care.