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Advancing Health Equity: Minority Health Month



National Minority Health Month

Health Disparity

The theme this year, to help raise public awareness about health and health care disparities is “30 Years of Advancing Health Equity: The Heckler Report, A Force for Ending Health Disparities in America”.

The Heckler Report, published in 1985, focused on elimination of health disparities in racial and ethnic groups considered to be minorities. Health equity was/is to be the end result or the goal.

Health Equity: Action Taken

Some progress has been made toward health equity. However, the progress in elimination health disparities among racial and ethnic groups has been very slow, and disparities continue to exist today. Legislative and policy actions include the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities.

4 Action Steps You Can Take

1. Use the My Health Portal to prepare for your next visit with your health practitioner.

2. Use My Coverage, My Care for tools to assist in learning how your health coverage works for you.

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4. Talk with your family, friends and co-workers about health equity and disparities.

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