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Introducing Dr. Miner, PhD, NP

“I am an avid traveler, enjoy preparing and eating good food, and care for my 10+ African violets. At every opportunity I visit botanical and therapeutic gardens. My love of flowering plants and energy therapy extended to my love of aromatherapy and the beauty of crystals. As a marathoner, dual athlete and race walker, I’ve recovered from many injuries. Volunteer responsibilities as a member of the medical emergency response team I’ve served for three hurricanes – Katrina, Rita and Irene. My daughters and friends are my most cherished ‘possessions’.”
Life is to be lived well, long, healthy and happy.
Dr. Miner is a Registered Nurse, Women’s Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Advance Holistic Nurse and Board Certified Coach with over 30 years of experience in women’s health, holistic nursing and public health. She is an educator and leader in lifestyle health and wellness-inspiring you to create a wellness lifestyle for yourself, family & business.

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Shop with ease and at your convenience in the Apothecary for your supplements and herbal products. The Apothecary is open 24/7 to all who enter – clinicians, patients , clients & customers. If you are a clinician and don’t have time to maintain a dispensary or coach patients about drug supplement interaction we can do it for you. Register today!

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HEALth Practitioner Show

HEALth Practitioner podcasts presents commentary/discussions about Lifestyle Health Care™; spirituality and health; NP owned wellness and integrative care practices; business protocols; self-care practices for NP Clinicians & other Advance Practice Nurses and conversations with Integrative Care Practitioners.

What I Offer

Lifestyle Tips

One of the most important aspects of well-being is self-care. Engage in self-care practices such as relaxation and movement activities -yoga, qi gong or meditation. Allow for seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Clear your living space of negative energy by clearing clutter, dusting and opening windows to air it out. Participate in activities that feed your spirit.

Some Of The Benefits You Will Receive

  • One virtual visit with Dr. Miner, NP on Call to ask questions about developing your personal lifestyle wellness program
  • Provides personalized health and wellness coaching for personal benefit and strengthen your work with others
  • One live webinar per month
  • Deepen your awareness about evidence based practices of spirituality and healing
  • Your quality of life, business growth and health will improve


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