Essential Oils for Stress and Tension

The happy oils, in the essential oil family, are delightful. They are the feel good oils which lift our spirits, make us smile, perk us up and improve our cognitive functioning. Overall, they are uplifting.

Brainstorming Sessions: NP on Call

Brainstorming. Let’s engage in a brief brainstorming session to kick-start a new beginning or clarify matters when you have several choices. Or, you don’t know where or when to start your holistic, integrative care practice, project or wellness journey. Maybe you’ve decided you simply don’t have enough time in your clinical care practice to explore ideas or […]

Lifestyle Choices to Relieve Arthritis & Pain

Arthritis, as defined in the North American dictionary, is a form of arthritis characterized by gradual loss of cartilage of the joints, usually affecting people after middle age; degenerative joint disease. As the number of adults in the population age 50+ increases, the number of people with arthritis will increase. Arthritis is best described as […]

Reiki Therapy Wellness Program

Reiki is an ancient modality of energy therapy. It was reportedly introduced to the Western world in by Ha Wayo Takata, a Hawaiian woman. She brought Usui Reiki to the U.S.  As the story goes, she had gone to Japan for treatment of abdominal pain; she learned about Reiki while being prepped for surgery; she forewent […]

Chai Tea

Choosing a tea or a brand of tea can be daunting when you view the tea section of a large supermarket or health food market chains. There are hundreds of choices. When you look at Chai tea, there may be 10 different brands and flavors of tea. The price of the tea may make you a little dizzy. Until you decide which tea to purchase, the best way to get the taste you want is to make your own spiced Chai.

Here is my recipe.

New Addition: The HEALth Practitioner Podcast

  I’m very excited to announce a new addition to Lifestyle Wellness Enterprise and the Wellness Community!  The HEALth Practitioner Podcast  are ‘broadcasting’!! There are many experienced integrative care clinicians and healing arts practitioners who provide holistic care. They are engaging with their clients, they are authentic in their relationships and are leaders in their professions and […]