Book Gifts

 Books: Our Gift To You Thank you for becoming a member of the Lifestyle Wellness Community! To show our appreciation, we are continuing our gifting program! Since the last gift was such a success, we are gifting another copy of  “You Can Heal Your Life”, and, a new book – “Zen Colouring Patterns: Colouring For Grown-Ups”. When one […]

Smudging: Burning Herbs

Smudging has been a practice which has been less than ‘widely accepted’ in healthcare. Smudging, a healing practice, is officially offered and available in a smudging room in Saint Peter’s Hospital in Helena, Montana. This healing practice is a welcomed addition worth sharing with my readers. Click here to read more. ‘Burning Herbs During The […]

Best 100 Health Coach Blogs

The Best 100 Health Coach Blogs 2015. The Lifestyle Wellness (LW) Team is very excited and happy to announce the Lifestyle Wellness Network Blog is featured among  The Best 100 Health  Coach Blogs 2015!!   Complements of Institute For The Psychology of Eating