The Initials Behind A Nurse Practitioner’s Name

Are you more confused by the long list of initials following a person’s name? I know I am! The list seems never ending in the nursing profession and is getting longer with the requirement and the need for professional nurses to update their skills through continuing education, acquirement of degrees, board certifications and healing arts […]

Tips To Ease The Pain

Everyone experiences pain, sooner or later, during their lifetime. Pain is a signal that the body is not functioning at 100%. It can last for a short period of time, come and go, or it can be chronic and always present. Tips to ease the pain are shared in this podcast episode.

Do You Have Time To Be Healthy?

Do you have time to prepare nutritious meals? Do you have time to exercise? If your answer is no, then, do you have time to change your mind to be healthy? Listen to hear some useful tips to manage time.