Lifestyle Wellness Update

 Changes In The Lifestyle Wellness Community In a recent blog post I mentioned changes are forthcoming to Lifestyle Wellness. I’m happy to report the additions and letting go of other aspects are well underway! My website johnettaminer (dot) com is closed. It was a seamless process without a break in service. You are still able […]

Lifestyle Wellness Is Changing

Summer is in full swing and we have passed the half-year mark. Many of you have, or, are in the process of evaluating your mindset, life and business goals and, your health and well-being. I am right there with you! Healthcare is in major transition these days. Yet, some matters have not changed. Improved? Yes. […]

Florence Nightingale & Holistic Care

The twenty-first century is the century of life, the century of health and the century of women. This is the story of Florence Nightingale-a courageous woman who, as the pioneer of an age of women, blazed bold new trails into uncharted frontiers in the nineteenth century. ~Daisaku Ikeda, January 2002-Soka Gakkai, USA   This is […]

Check Out Our New Address On Facebook

It’s a privilege to announce Lifestyle Wellness Network, which is one of the platforms for Lifestyle Wellness Enterprise, PLLC, has a new address on Facebook. Join in the discussion on Facebook at the following URL web address. We look forward to connecting with on Facebook. Additionally, remember to share your Pins on our Pinterest […]

Dr. Ferrara-Expert Practitioner

  Lifestyle Wellness Network Guest Expert In addi­tion to  the arti­cles for download, resources, well­ness assess­ment forms and much more in the mem­bers’ pri­vate area, you will also have access to guest expert health and well­ness prac­ti­tion­ers in the pri­vate forum. You can ask ques­tions and get answers from the experts. Read more about this […]

James Derham: First African American Physician

National Black History Month is rapidly coming to an end.  In order to acknowledge this time of the year I usually write an article-here and here– about the life a remarkable female. Usually she has made great contributions to the discipline of nursing, science, law, activism, social justice or another profession. This year I’m profiling […]