Nurse Practitioners: 100 Best of 2012

I am humbled and honored to be recognized for the work I do and to be included among a group of  my professional colleagues.  The 100 Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round Up includes Private Practices, Blogs Authored by Nurse Practitioners and Nurses, Student Resources, Professional Resources and the group, Entrepreneurs, which includes me.

As you review the list you’ll have the opportunity to see the educational levels and  how creative, resourceful and talented my nursing colleagues practice the art and holism of nursing. I encourage you to share this information with your family, friends, colleagues and within your circle of influence, so they too can have a better understanding of what Nurse Practitioners are ‘about and doing‘ in the world.

Congratulations to the 99 Best of 2012 !

About Johnetta Miner NP

Johnetta is the CEO/Founder of Lifestyle Wellness Enterprise.
She is an Integrative, Holistic Healing and Women's Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. She assists business owners, healing arts practitioners and health professionals to attain optimal wellness in life and their business.

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