Florence Nightingale & Holistic Care

Florence Nightingale by Goodman, circa 1858.

The twenty-first century is the century of life, the century of health and the century of women. This is the story of Florence Nightingale-a courageous woman who, as the pioneer of an age of women, blazed bold new trails into uncharted frontiers in the nineteenth century. ~Daisaku Ikeda, January 2002-Soka Gakkai, USA

National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2017) is an excellent time for professional nurses to reclaim, retain, reinstate and re-purpose the values and theories of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale

Florence was a highly educated female, who studied German, Italian, Latin, Greek, and French languages. She was born into a wealthy, British family who did not understand her passion and desire to care for the less fortunate who were suffering and in ill-health. Her family wanted her to marry and live the leisure life of a wealthy socialite.

She had an inner strength, was selfless, bold, courageous, victorious. She took one step at a time to pursue her calling and passionate desire–to devote her life to nursing. Florence started her official nursing career at the age of 30.

Holistic & Integrative Nursing

Today, varied health and wellness venues are being created. Professional titles and their accompanying initials have been created and attached to people’s name. All in the name of health and wellness.

Florence was a holistic nurse, an entrepreneur and, practiced holism. The nursing profession embodies holism. Some nurses are structuring their entire professional career and personal lifestyle around holistic nursing. In addition, they are credentialed as Board Certified Holistic Nurses. What a noble calling it is for a person to be closely aligned with Nightingale’s theory. Who is better suited and the most respected by the public, than the Registered Nurse.

Professional nursing is governed by an ethical scope and standard of practice. Health insurance providers, corporations, university student health centers, non-profits, etc., are employing credentialed holistic nurses (have integrative & complementary  modalities as primary focus of practice) for their health and wellness programs. It is important for you, as a nurse, to know your state regulations in order to practice as a solo business owner or employed holistic nurse or integrative health and wellness coach.

What bold, courageous steps are you taking to reclaim & reinstate holistic health and well-care into practice? What are your state regulations to practice as a coach, holistic nurse or advance practice holistic nurse?

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