Is Your Doctor A Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners (NP) and the excellent work they do, is becoming better known by the public and widely dicussed in the various media outlets. There is still a large portion of the population, on a global basis, who know little or nothing about this discipline of the nursing profession and those NPs who have earned […]

Nurse Practitioners: 100 Best of 2012

I am humbled and honored to be recognized for the work I do and to be included among a group of  my professional colleagues.  The 100 Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round Up includes Private Practices, Blogs Authored by Nurse Practitioners and Nurses, Student Resources, Professional Resources and the group, Entrepreneurs, which includes me. As […]

The Significance Of The Colors of The U. S. Flag

Why is the United States flag red, white and blue? The American flag can be seen practically everywhere on the Fourth of July, the day of the Declaration of Independence. On this day people wear clothes with red and white strips, display fireworks and decorate their picnic tables with red, white and blue colors. The […]

The Return To Barefoot Walking And Running

Aw, snap!  Minimalist shoes have become very popular. What the h…heck is going on? Remember two-time Olympian Zola Budd, the barefoot runner?  Now, there’s the barefoot running shoe and those practically sole-less shoes that look like the old Roman sandals of yesteryear. Recall the times you’ve  put on a new pair of shoes, wore them […]

Does Meditation Relieve Pain Or Menopausal Symptoms?

Does meditation really work? Can meditation help relieve your pain or menopausal symptoms? Can it help your brain function? Is it beneficial for cancer patients? These are some of the questions answered in this podcast.

New Year Resolution: Weight Loss?

Gyms love this time of the year because the beginning of a new year brings resolutions such as losing weight and new gym memberships. Gradually these new adventures start to wane and fall by the wayside and eventually forgotten. What can be done to offset the inevitable for many of you who were excited and […]